Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trial Sejarah

On 16/10/2008, everybody was worried on History subject MARA Pre-Trial. Well, obviously, everybody is nervous for such a big test like MARA Trial which known-everybody as the hardest test ever! Besides, as rumors spread said that MARA Trial is even tougher than SPM! Well, guess what? One of the Gamma’s student find out that the question will be the real paper from SBP and they did got a copy of it! They were hardly work it out together and discuss to find the best answer for each essay question and objective. As everything was finish, their final answer sheet was accidentally divulged to other class! So, everybody got idea of the answer and the question that will come out soon! Of corse it was totally unfair since not everybody got the idea.

However, as everybody enters the hall, majority got a copy of answer sheet in their pocket, phone wallpaper, written on their desk or palm and even got it in their head! The rumor was spread damn fast and everybody knew about it! Literally, this tactic was totally dirt and cheat! However, as the test began, I had realize that the marks was not really matter because I’ll not going to make in the real SPM if I willing to cheat myself! Even the answer note was my phone wallpaper, I decide not to peak on it. Yokatta! I made it without cheating (Hohoho! I did just for couples of question!). Well positively, we’re not as suck as the others MRSM which willing to break in the confidential room just to steal the question!

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