Sunday, March 8, 2009

B'day mama...

I feel so bad all the time as I can do nothing to get a cake for my mom birthday! Literally, cake is just a food but as for me, it is a form of love and it kinda represented your love in a mass medium during your lover’s birthday.

I ask a favor from my cousin to take me a ride to Secret Recipe. It just darn irritate as he refuse to help me! And he just give a reason that it’s a waste to go outside since it’s a good day to be enjoy at home and rest! Plus, he asking me, why do I need to have a cake for a birthday party? What on earth can you say such thing?! Come on, for heaven sake, Angah! It’s not that I ask you to hangout and waste time at the mall! Can’t you see how much it’s important to me? I want to give my very best for my mom since she had done a lot to me. All I can see, her birthday is the best chance for a grant.

I was blank and out of idea. My mom went out for shopping with my sisters and they might get back in any time! My heart just keep ranting and insulting Angah and Achik coz both of them refuse to help me. Zip it! Stops declaim but do something, instead!

Afterward, (after being encourage by Rusydi’s crazy idea) I decide to put some brave face and just get the hell out of my house and started to walk 1.++km away to the nearest cake house in a scorching hot noon! I was really exhausted all way long, but I was so glad that mom’s favorite chocolate moist was available as I had arrived Rizqin Cake House. On my way back, I drop by 7Eleven to grab a cup of Slurpee to be enjoyed on my way back. At least it had cooled down my body and my heart (I also tune on my Walkman. How bored to just walk 2 km and listen to nothing?!).

Alhamdulillah, I manage to throw a small party for mom’s birthday. Even it’s not as happening and phenomenon as expected; I was so happy and delighted because I had independently put my best effort to make it all by my own.

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