Sunday, March 29, 2009


There’s a lots of thing that I had plan and the whole thing was well arrange earlier but when a stupid trouble suddenly come out from nowhere, I was shock and cant barely do anything! My movie’s schedule, my blog, my batch website and everything that I had planned was not accomplished. You know what; I take responsible on lots of things. Most of the stuff that I suppose to in charge wasn’t well-handle since my mood really not allowed me to do so.

Plus, my annoying brother just love to play football in my room! What the hell?! For heaven sake, can somebody tell him that football was supposed to be play at the field and not in my damn small room!

Besides, my problem with Shafiq just still not comes to the end. I just decide to forget about it since it’s just totally burden my mind. Perhaps I shall wipe him out from my brain since he brings no return instead of wretchedness.

I love my life and really hope I can survive happily and strongly. There’s a lots of disaster appear in my life nowadays. These things make me feel so bad all the time. As the result, I just become too sensitive easily cry. Man, damn it! I hate to cry coz it’s too ugly for a guy to cry! (LOL! I just cry watching on Honey and Clover @ 8TV just now!)


diyana anwar said...

ya Allah yang.. ngape nye? eii risau la aku nengok ko ni. what disasters yg happened?

Aizat said...

hoho! x kesah larr. dh lupe dah..yg penting kte enjoy!!!

Aizat said...

don't stuff lorr..


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