Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crazy Treatment

I went to the mall to have some fun (at first, me Rusydi, Shafiq and Shatiry had got in, but suddenly Shatiry and Shafiq had changed their plan), expecting to forget every single thing which related to SPM result. I hardly wanted to distract it from my mind because its way too hard to handle it because I can’t even make myself busy so that the period of waiting might get shorten, hopefully. I don’t deny that my curiosity on knowing my result is high but I still refuse to suffer in waiting. Yeah, we hit the mall but that thing was still mess up my mind as Rusydi was keep put on his worry face and so do I. We just couldn’t help it! Having fun to make you busy is kinda working treatment to avoid from being nervous. But this method is only temporarily working! Plus, it’s an expensive treatment which much not pay-of rather than throw away the nervous. Let me list down (again) how much does it take for the medication.

  • Movie Tickets, RM 18

  • Popcorn and soft drink, RM 8

  • DVDs, RM 109.70

  • Magazine, RM 4.20

  • Face acne washer, RM 12.50

  • Lunch, RM35.25



Total=RM 187.60!!!

(Never expect for mama to know about this…)

Even the medicine was damn expensive; it doesn’t necessarily mean the effects will takes immediately of worst, not at all! Well, the bad news, it’s never pay off and I still couldn’t forget the day, every second! However, that bunch of DVDs can help me, though. Positively, I get to watch Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li, bought another Ikuta Toma’s drama (Hachimitsu to Clover) and I get to know that my ex-collegeous will be transfer to Putrajaya. But, ironically, my pocket is drain already. How pathetic?! I reckon this will be the last hangout ever (for a couple of week).

As the conclusion, you can never run away from the truth. You need accept the fact that future will soon be a history. Time can’t stop even you at least expecting it to slow down. There’s no time for dreaming because it’s time to slowly facing the reality. I guess as for now, let me treat dream like a dream so that I’ll not fool around and just killing time. I shall not confuse the definition between dream, dreaming and ambition. I must find my own happiness and get the hell out of this adolescence phase! We all had grown up. So, it’s time to take the SPM the platform of stepping stone to your ambition and dream. Come on, what the hell are you waiting for? Get the ticket and be whoever you wanna be! Anyhow, everybody expecting for a great ticket. So, all I have to do is pray and prepare on what kind of ticket will you get on this 12 March 2009. (Man, I can’t believe that I wrote/said such grossly thing!)

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diyana anwar said...

honey, yg u g spent most of ur money kat dvds tu knape? if it was unnecessary tak pyhla beli dlu..tak rase ke, ehe

btw!!! im way excited to watch streetfighter!! nak sgt sgt.. ari tu kua ipoh wit nanie sume, kte nk tgk strretfighter tau..tp dorg suruh jgk tgk geng, upin ipin tu..but overall, ok la jgk!


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