Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cuak gilewww!!!!

I felt so empty right now because my worried on SPM result hat dominate my soul until I felt like there’re no more happiness in this world. As if, the SPM result seems to grey my heart. It’s not that I’m not confident that I’m might do it with flying color, it just that I’m kinda worry IF, my result will crash my dream, my parent, m reputation, my self my priority; in other word, the SPM is really, damn, fuckin’, bloody, extremely, seriously important for my future, career, dignity, image, and everything! (Komari: Stop playing with the synonym!)

Okay, of coz you might advice me to get through this thing positively, affirmatively, rationally, so that it’s not going to affect you mind coz the probability for me to get insane, crazy, etc, is 0.5 above, and high possibility especially for those who not very strong minded or principle like me, for sure. But, obviously this thing had totally ruining me up until I even forgot to brush by teeth and a couple of day breakfast as this bloody thing keep soaring, playing, in my mind. As you can see (pretend that you do), my miserable mind had been projected to my behavior and my word. “I need to take any possibility,” principle had totally forcing me to predict any possible result that I might get. By considering my ability and previous marks in every subject, it’s possible in both possibilities. This is totally crazy! I assume that I need to stop this, but I just can’t since I am a really strong-to-own-principle person. (I thought just now you said…-shut up Komari!-)

The historical day is coming and there’s nothing that I can do except of waiting in pain. Man, I hate to wait! I feel so bad all the time. I keep on predicting what kinda result I will get. I’m always expecting for good news on that day, but anything might happen because you cannot stay and the top, keep indulge the life triumphantly. You know what; I keep on thinking what I should wear on that premiere day? (How crazy is that?!) I try to put on something fool to distract myself from being extremely nervous so that I’m not going to fall faint on that day. Plus, I’m planning to hang about the cinema this Monday with Rusydi and Shatiry. Hey, I deserve to have some fun! It’s not that by put on some worry face can change your SPM result. The final mark is already printed and nothing can be change. Em, am I doing the right thing?

Perhaps, I just need to do nothing, and don’t mess with the flow, and let time decide it until the day which is, 12 MARCH 2009…Okay, I had decide, whatever my result could be, I just need to get through this challenging life bravely. Just do it. Gambatte! (But, you said that it might crash your…-shut up Komari!)

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