Thursday, March 19, 2009

Honey and Clover

I had just finished watching Hachimitsu to Clover and I can’t believe it was ended with tears (it’s not that I was burst out in tears!). The passion on their friendship was magnificent and unforgettable. They were just supporting each other in pursuing each dream and never bored to tears, or drained in giving commitment to embellish their friendship even it was divided by the ocean. The perfect clover, which is really hard to be found in state of four petals, was chosen as the medium the represent the significance of hardworking (in finding it) and happiness, as you grant it to someone that you really appreciate.

Sometime, I felt so envy on Takaemoto since he got a bunch of really wonderful friends like Hagumi who always shore him up, even she was in pain. It’s great to fall in love with someone who understands and always there for you in any state of affairs. Five of them were inspiring each other since each word which comes out from ones lip was implicit as a mechanism to boost up their obsession to reach their dream, for their friends and family.

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