Monday, March 23, 2009

Lepak2 dgn member..

The internet connection is terribly cool as I got it in my bedroom! I just gaze on the monitor and hang about the network, download songs, and much more. However, my ringing phone had interrupted my fascination, Meong was on the line. Well, he ask me to elsewhere so I just put on my sweat shirt and rush to Giant. Afterward, we planned to hit the cinema but the ticket was sold out. So, we decide to buy the early bird ticket for Dragonball Evolution. I bought three ticket coz I reckon that Rusydi might join us tomorrow. However, I was force to let the 3rd ticket to the popcorn. (Bob got mad on me coz I’m giving him the ticket. I don’t even know he was just about! Hoho!) Meong insist Diana to have the ticket but she couldn’t make it at the show time. Anyhow, we still enjoy watch the movie.

It’s good news that Diana agree to have a lunch with us. We drop by the Black Canyon Coffee Restaurant and chomp some Tom Yam. As we enjoy the Tom Yam, everybody keep showing their driving license except of me! Sob2… Afterward, we just walk around the mall, browsing some garments, DVDs and all sorts of half-price stuff.

We just went home after we overjoyed the empty-hand shopping (except of me, coz I bought some DVDs and magazine). You know what; Meong had fetch and sent me home with his 4 wheel drive! Hoho, I felt like as if I got a driver!

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