Thursday, March 12, 2009


The weather was nice as if the nature is celebrating the day. Mom is driving while we enjoy song by HUJAN under 103.7 fm frequency. Pagi yg gelap, kini sudah terang(the lyric)...the atmosthere was good but they juz couldn't cheer me up. I was darn nervous as the butterfly in my stomach fly wildly, hit the wall. Lemme get dis straight, my SPM result define the ironic and vice versa.
1.I'd failed each semester 4 History subject bt when it comes 2 SPM, i score A1 4 History! WTH?!
2. My favorite subject ws BM n 4 sure i hd done the BM test with flying colors each semester. A1 define my marks 4 BM. Surprisingly, when it comes 2 da real SPM, i ws force 2 satisfy with B3 4 BM! Damn it!

God, i've no idea what the hell did u plan with my life. Hmm, i juz accept dat u kn0wn what best 4 me..i really hope dat my fate is 2 study in TESL corse..Gambarimas! I'll try my best(again)!

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