Friday, March 27, 2009

Unpleasant odor

It had been quite an age I leaved the blog ground since I’d totally obsessed on the new website of my batch official online neighborhood. Since I’m am the admin, of coz I’m darn busy, need to update and welcoming the new members everyday! However, I have fun noticing that my friends can know meet their pals and teachers virtually through my humble try of building that website. Even some of them keep complaining the suck appearance of the website, but I just takes all complains as the point of view to develop the website function.

Anyway, talk about hygiene, at me house, we were out of water supply for most of the day and I’m entirely stink for the whole day! Even the water supply was available know, I reluctant to get bath, for god sake, I’m not going to have a shower during night! It’s literally not good in for medical purpose since I’m easily getting fever even the air was just faintly frosty. But don’t worry, next morning I’ll shower up!


Anonymous said...

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