Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just stiff bored...

I’m up to nothing right now since the tortured waiting is over. However, that’s doesn’t mean that I can just sleep all day, expecting for a fairy odd parent to come! I still need to consider on taking my driving license and worry about the university application.

Speaking of university application, my dad had set up the internet service so that it would be easy for me to register the college application via online. Besides, I can travel around the internet to survey about any institution which suit to my soon-career or my favorite diploma course. As for now, I’m sort of hectic on making my habitual busy so that in can surpasses my stupid troubles which never wish it to turn out to be the main outline in my cranium.

It was a silly idea where I had made a schedule so that I can finish my complete TV series DVD consistently. It’s not really organized. I just listed down the title and its episode list; so that I can slash them every time I finish each episode. Yeah, sound brainless, but this is what people do when they are darn mind-numbing!

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