Thursday, March 19, 2009


It’s been a couple of days I had leaved the blog dome for the reason that my frame of mind had been spoiled by my SPM result where I had failed to score with flying colors. Plus, I had reflected my humor (at that time) in the previous expose, where I had faced some problems with my good buddy, all the backstabber and misunderstanding matter…Anyway, everybody who is in the same size of my foot may deal with the similar problem as mine.

Everybody seems very cold in stillness since my class authorized blog had never been updated since the SPM result was came out on 12 March 2009. Obviously, most of us were disappointed with our result (in my judgment) where our target was not achieved. Besides, my college overall achievement seems to be worst as compared to the earlier batch. However, our college is not in the last rank. There is assumption, which from the internet and newspaper, state that the examiners were lack of dedication in marking the exam paper. Most of the first-rate student got illogical mark in their SPM result because their formative tests in each semester were outstanding and perfectly superb! How can this happen? I reckon that I should up to recheck my certain subject’s irrational mark.

Everybody is sort of busy with their own business, dealing with the university application stuff and keep worrying on owns opportunity. I mustn’t waste my time on dealing the stupid problem (you-know-what) and just focus on my plan to success in the future even with my average SPM result (sob2). As for know, ever since I had got the home internet connection, I will fatally explore on my target area under discussion, TESL. I’m damn insisting to throw in the education and English field because this is what I had considered since I was 13 and I shouldn’t dispose of my vision. Gambarimas!

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