Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tomagoto VS. Gypsy Duff!!!

These two celebrities had totally thrilled me as both of them had sort of changed my life. Literally, it’s not that they had made me rich or something! It’s just that they had color my routine and even affected my charismatic and personality (that’s you Hilary!).

When I was only 12, I was amaze on Hilary’s sensation as she hit the screen for the first time as the innocent Lizzie McGuire! Well, guess what? She had just made me fall in love to English. So, I kept putting my best effort on enhance my language skill so that there will be no problems as we are facing each other soon! How crazy is that? Well that was my dream when I was only 12. As I grown up, I had notice, it is kinda impossible for me to meet her as she is scorching hot and damn successfully in the Hollywood now, and obviously, she can never hang out with me for a cup of tea or even a snap of picture! Hahaha! Even I was kinda heart broken; I put on my don’t-give-up face and just go on supporting her as a die-hard fan. My spirit on mastering the language does not blow away. I kept on writing, talking, public speaking, debate, school play, emailing with my cousin from Milwaukee, become the editor for school magazine and all sort of thing that can be done with English. Well, here I am. I can at least ovoid myself from being cheated due to communication problem. Yokatta! Well, thanks a lot to Hilary Duff for being the ice breaker!

However, Toma just couldn’t help me on mastering the Japanese language! (I never expect it, though). Let me define Toma Ikuta. He is a talented-in-acting-and-singing cute guy, with red hair who successfully become a young billionaire of Japan through his commitment under Johnny’s Entertainment, plus accomplish with bunch of smash hit drama and plays/theatre. He used to get involve in play since he’s featured in Cat in Red Boot, followed by Grease the latest musical play. Brilliant, huh? He had just expanded his singing talent from recording artiste into musical theatre of career! In addition, everybody is assuming that his happy-go lucky-guy attitude make him suitable with those funny character such as Nakatsu Shuichi (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e) and Oribe Junpei (Hana Yori Dango 2). However, his mysterious appearance in Maou as Serizawa Naoto had seriously thrilled us! Plus, his new appear in drama Voice (still aired in Japan until March 2009) which is a ghost story (!!!) had totally denied the fact that he’s not flexibly talented. (Come on, can peoples crack a joke in a scary movie! [Instead Scary Movies]). When he shows-of his football skills in Hanazakari no Kimitachi and Johnny’s Entertainment Sports Day, I whispered to myself; “Dude, this lucky good-looking guy is darn talented and bloody genius! I wanted to be and look like him!”

Both Hilary Duff and Toma Ikuta are literally brilliant in making billion of money as both of them conquered singing and acting field. However, the entrepreneur Hilary Duff was more advance in making money as compared to Toma-Kun as she use to get involve in business stuff when she was officially launch his self-brand clothes line and dog stuff (Stuff by Hilary Duff), own title magazine (Hilary Stuff) and double appearance of With Love; perfume and single.

Let see, I had done almost everything that these to celebrities had accomplish. I got in choir, involve as director and narrator in a national play, as a Marketing Manager of School Company, singing in bathroom (LOL!), make perfume for Art subject project,…did I left anything undone?

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