Saturday, March 28, 2009


This is my first time I bawl out because of my best friend’s confession. He wrote in his blog about my real color. I was force to come clean the whole thing that he suspected was damn beyond doubt, right. After finish read on his ranting, I was burst in moan, can’t believe that I had done a lot and just too much sin… I chaos up my room, smash something, rant out, I just wanted to relive my miserable, annoyed, apologetic, regret, disenchanted….Its never good to lose a really good friend... It’s hurt and tormented. I never blame him instead of condemn myself...You were force to divulge all your emberassment to your friends. Its privacy matter, somehow, but you’re lots like traitor if you not let your best friend know about it.

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diyana anwar said...

hmm... kebingungan!


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