Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another JT: Justin Bieber

In Malaysia, I believe everybody now about Yuna who an overnight sensation from Myspace until local Indie world. Well, speak about Myspace as the medium of become a celebrity, I had just bump up with Justin Drew Bieber at the internet. Literally, not but, well, I reckon that he’s just and ordinary boy with a perfectly good voice who after Rihanna step. But, he is just right away behind Rihanna and Yuna! So, I just started to dig about him after I heard his Cry Me a River singing by Justin Timberlake on the Youtube.

After hit the Google, he is everywhere! For god sake he just thirteen, fourteen or something. He might not technically
famous in Hollywood, but he had just bash in overnight virtual fame in the internet. All his songs are available at all free hosting file website; Rapidshare, 4shared, eSnips etc (forget to count ‘em). Well, his effort on creating his own
Myspace Music account is just a right choice in expanding his influence to get connected with his fan all around the world!

His sound lots like Justin Timberlake+Ne Yo+Usher, and Chris Brown. I believe he did personally meet Justin Timberlake and Usher; just saw ‘em at his Myspace and Youtube account. You better get his name in your browser now!

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Anonymous said...

wow! i know him from youtube! he's so cute and talented! you knw what, he did met with Usher and JT! I saw that @ youtube 2!


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