Friday, April 24, 2009


Damn! These bloody things just kept soaring in my damn cranium! I got butterfly in my stomach already, and now i need to worry about these the study stuff! God damn! Worst, I'm kinda choose to accept the matrix offer since the I'll get much money for each semester..ohoho! i still addicted on money like Mr. Crab..!


Just know i watched The Grudge 3! Wow, it's awesome! Still, not as gross as Saw..Hm, you know what, i always dreaming on being part of the movie, you know..If you watch The Grudge 3, I really wanna play the role as the boy at the beginning of the movie..I alway wanted to play minor role in any movie! Em, just as a hobby coz I'm never expect to be like Zac Efron (but he still SUGOI, though!!!). I'm kinda consider to get serious in these acting stuff, but i cannot see it potential in my feature in Malaysia, especially. My pal just doing this acting stuff as a part time job in some Indie Movies..well, that's cool!...

Knock it off!

Em, I need to get serious!

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