Monday, April 13, 2009


The Story:
I’m totally crazy right now since I’m watching those 4 series at a time! (Voice, Hana Yori Dango, Code Geass & Akihabara@Deep) Damn, I started to lose interest on those series…This is the most terrify thing that I really hope not happen. Losing interest on things that you love is suck. But, I really like those 4 series until I madly dig ‘em anywhere! Argh! What should I do?

Em, I guess I should stop watching ‘em. I mean, I should watch ‘em one-by-one, okay? I reckon that I loose my focus on each series since the upcoming series keeps interfered previous one. Ha, that’s it! Tgk la satu2…! Okay2, I got the solution now...

Moral of the story:
We need to be focus on everything that we are doing. No matter how much your work are, try to manage ‘em systematically; perhaps my construct a schedule by considering it priority, deadline, time taken to be finished, and etc...
It’s really important to manage your work in order to progress efficiently and consistently. Same goes with the homework, office stuff, thesis, house chores and much more!

Even though in my cases, it’s just about some stupid stuff. But, I still need to manage ‘em properly so that I can enjoy each series. At the same time, I just discipline myself in a really interesting scheme. I admit, I just killing time right now by watching movies all the time. Let us just consider, watching movies is a better thing to do rather than taking drugs or criminal things.

P/s~Ohoho! Memang la! Perbandingan yg terlalu ekstrem is way too sarcasm, dude!)

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