Monday, April 13, 2009


AI & A2 had just finished watching Hana Yori Dango and Voice on queued. (how come they never bother on the university application stuff, anyway?)
A1:Baka' Janaii?! Don't you dare to moan with the ending!
A2:Nandei?! I couldn't help it! I was so touched with both Makino& Domyouji!
AI: Knock it of! it's just a movie, 4 heaven sake! Chottomatte, what about Voice?...
A2: Hai'2..! Toma-kun! I'm coming!
A1: But we still got Code Geass stranded at 17th episode! remember?
A2: I guess we shall stop downloading too much movies now..
A1: How about HM?
A2:zip it! i wanna watch Voice now...!
A1: Oit! Chotto..!

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