Monday, April 27, 2009

Demi Rock!

Demi Lovato. I don't know how to start but she's just damn rock and i really love her! Her voice and all of her songs are perfectly superb! This Is Me was a brilliant start followed by Get Back and La La Land was totally inspiring me!

Well, amende lew yg Demi inspired aq yewk? ohoho! tak kan lew psl Demi I can success in academic?! Ohoho! It's just that i did wrote a couple of songs which heavily influenced from her type of music..It's sort of rock plus Alanis Morissette..What in hell sucha combination, right? ohoho! That's art,dude! Well, it's my songs! Who care?! Ohoho!

Kalau aq ade mase, I'll feel free to share with you guys on my songs..! Of coz it's never as good as Demi or even Yuna, it's just a medium of where i use to express my soul in solitaire of lyrics..

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