Thursday, April 9, 2009

Family Website Launching: 8 April 2009!

OK, lemme get this straight, Along is staying at Petaling Jaya, Uqbah and family at Greendale, Wisconsin, Wancho and family at Sunway City (deorg yg ckp,ohoho!) and Opah at Batu 5! Well, that sound quite far for each location! Anyway, Batu 5, Sunway City and my house xde r jauh mane pown!ohoho! saje nk ayat..hehe~:-) So, aq pown bwt larr website nih..

I created this family official website in purpose of to get connected virtually. Previously, we use blogger as the medium, but the limited widget and feature make us change from Blogger to Ning.

But the features provided was brilliant! As if we're in our own Facebook network! Anyway, the feature was exactly similar to Facebook, except Facebook is a worldwide network. Em, nak bwt korang nyew network gak? WTH r you wating 4? Try larr! Kterg skarang dah blei share picture, online chatting and much more!

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