Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Independent movies are lot more complicated rather than just watch some light movies. It force your to squeeze your brain to get the essence of the movie. Previously, i watched Miss Little Sunshine with my schoolmate for the English subject. It such a tortured to figure out what the movie is about actually. Literally, everybody got their own opinion, since, of coz, everybody are in their own frame of mind. But, I can't just sit without knowing what is the writer wish to deliver to the audience?! Well, as for Miss Little Sunshine, it's sort of fun watching Abigail Breslin playing the role as a kid who trying to shows us, that " why i cannot act as a stripper since the other kids are busy nude like pageant? I thought adult doing both of them?"..Well, watch the movie and think again about those statement.

KEITH is an independent movie which featured Jesse McCartney and Jennifer Grey. Natalie has it all: yearbook editor, scholarship to college, star athlete, reigning social queen. Then Keith enters her life. Secretive and enigmatic, he slowly lures her from her comfort zone. The more Keith holds back, the more Natalie becomes intrigued with figuring him out. In her head, she's determined to keep him at arm's length, but in her heart she can't resist him. As Natalie's world slowly unravels, both their lives are changed forever in this powerful love story.

Well, my question here is why did Keith chose Natalie as his lab partner? Why Keith is flirting Natalie if he just wanna screw up her life? Why, the movie was ended with, Natalie just drive Keith's yellow truck all alone?...Damn..I have no idea with all those question. The movie was like unfinished. It leave me no conclusion and answer!

Wait a minute...I figure out something...What did happen in the whole movie is, a crazy people sometime can teach normal people, on not to do crazy things. Why are you busy accomplish others dream if it's not what you wish for? You deserve to choose you life pathway. Just doing your own thing in your very own right term, though...But, i still have no idea why are they keep calling the yellow truck as the ticket?

Hm,I guess, it's mean that you just Shut Up and Drive? ohoho! Yeah, it's right! When is the last time you just drive straight and just listen to the radio, anyway?

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