Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lame gilerr x jengok opah!

I have enjoyed on dreaming all sort of humorous and chilly things! It’s just like I’m watching a motion picture where I’m the main role of the movie! Awkwardly, at the end of my dream, everyone in my delusion was credited! LOL! How crazy is that?! I’m entirely in mood of gaze at movie every time I wake up from sleep. Okay, it sounds like escapism and running away from the real life. But it’s just for fun, I promise. However, I always exited when it’s time for bed!

Talk about sleep, It’s been a week I’m not step in The Oprah House since I just trapped in my room, sleep. I sleep most of the day! After finish my meal and pray, I back to sleep. It’s just that I got nothing to do, and suddenly I got sleepy so I just straight away lied on my bed. After a boring tour at the PIKOM PC Fair and enjoying a simple dinner at the Pokok Besar Restaurant, we drop by rumah pah to perform solat Maghrib. Ble masuk rumah pah, trus opah tegor knape lame tak datang jengok opah? Ohoho! I admit, lame gk x jengok opah coz every time mama send Umai to rumah pah for Quran lesson, I was still in my pajamas! So, I seldom visit her lately. But I always hope that she’s fine and stay healthy.


Aizat said...

seriously, bkn malas! cume xde mase jew..bsides, mama bkn nk wake me up pown! She did but only when it's far to late..

♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

i hope her to be fine n healthy owez too...
sayangi opah2 kitew..~~ =)

Aizat said...

Wakatta, cik sara!


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