Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Bloody Valentine

I realize that I had had make a truly big mistake by watching ‘My Bloody Valentine’ today. I was cheated by Jensen Ackles’s cute face since he’s feature in The Supernatural drama series. Me, Kak Yang and Angah had plan to watch A Race to The Witch Mountain but the unfortunately, we were late for the 2.30pm ticket, plus the next show of the same movie was on 5.00pm. We kinda consider watching The International, but the word ‘national’ sound quite bored to death to me coz I assume it got something to do with patriotism and that sort of stuff are just so not fun, plus I don’t even got the review of the movie. My Bloody Valentine was our last choice so I just grab the early bird ticket.

Back to the story, talk about bloody, they really meant it. The blood was everywhere! It kinda emotive and romantic if your lover stroke your heart out in keep it last longer forever in their heart, as the symbolic of true love. Well, technically, in this movie, your fuckin’ heart will literally stroke out from your damn body, and I don't know, to keep it last longer, you can just keep it in the refrigerator or let the police keep it as the evidence of the murder or something, though.

This movie had choose quarry tunnel as the singular location where bunch of youngsters use to bash a party for a valentine day. Well, of coz the tunnel is a really appropriate place to get fuck up. Well, sorry to say, the famous killers who undergo for coma, Harry Warden had waked up from hospital and kill everybody. He just loves to rap women’s heart out and put it in a sweetie heart shape valentine box (and of coz, blood is everywhere). Well, he escapes to the tunnel and on track to kill everyone there. But only two couple got escape and they were Tom (Jensen), Sarah, Axel and his GF. But, regrettably, Harry Warden was killed by police in front of Tom with all the blood spread on his face. As the consequence, Tom had suffered for trauma for 10 years long and he come to a decision to move out from the town for some therapy.

Well, unfortunately, 10 years after the bloody tragic incident, the history was repeated as Tom back to the town. Well, at first, everybody in the cinema deadly believes that it wasn’t Tom who kills everyone. It’s just that Harry Warden had return for revenge. LOL! We’re all got cheated. Actually, Tom who put up with for trauma had back to the town, as the new Harry Warden. The truth exposing only a couple of minutes before the movie was ended. Damn it! Please, for heaven sake, not that appealing Tom the new bloody killer? Well, everybody was sorry for what happen to him. He’s just the victim and totally above suspicion. But, since he’s the damn bloody killer, I just hope for him to die but unfortunately, he was escape at the end of the movie, make the story kinda incomplete (coz everybody assume Tom was died for the explosion in the tunnel).

We just get the hell out of the cinema with a bloody cruel gaze. Yokatta, we don’t kill. To cover each creepy tone, we forward on opinion to seriously agree that watching a thriller movie in a cinema, supported by the Dolby Surround Digital Technology, gigantic wide screen was totally worth the ticket. Hohoho~! After all, I just hope that Tom didn’t come after us.(screenshot from My Bloody Valentine)

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Aizat said...

rugi nyew x dpt tgk 3D version! msti lg best!!


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