Saturday, April 4, 2009

Raye 08 at college

Raye tahun 2008 tak semeriah raye tahun yang lepasnya pasalnyew tak sume ade and cuace pown seems the sky’s turn to gray our heart with sucha hard rain. Besides, we have a small argument about the outfit for the event. It’s Hari Raya party, of corse we have to wear the baju melayu and baju kurung! But the BWP make such a crazy decision by fix the theme of the event is casual wear. So, some of the student rebel or kinda argue complaining the reputation of the new bureau of student affairs. At the same time, the rain was so hard which make it worse with the annoying sound of the rain as it hit the zinc roof plus the chaos created by Dukun (Faizal) as he just blow the water pipe and it started to flood afterward.

Event tu plak buat time petang lepas waktu akademik so the study mood had overshadowed most of the student until the event started. As compared to the last year Hari Raya party, it was held in the morning which brings the harmony of ‘pagi raya’ sense plus there is no class on that day and no homework. So, we can deeply enjoy the hari raya with our friends instead of family.

Unfortunately, everybody had is kinda selfish on that day because they don’t even wait for their homeroom member before enjoying their meal. We suppose to enjoy it together by reciting the prayer first. But, that is what happens last year, not this year. So, I suggest to the class to have some picture of the class for hari raya. And, again quite disappointed as not everybody there. Some of them prefer to celebrate the day with their crush. It’s homeroom program, man! GF/BF can wait! Beside they also got their own homeroom and classmate. So, as for that year, the picture of the class is less than dozen as compared to last year which I can even make a fancy video of the event. Bob pown moody time tu coz tak sume ade. Miss faye takde, Am ngan Siti, Syamil ntah mrewang ke mane, Dwan sesat mlarat… I desperately make a fake smile in order to cheer up everybody. As the class president, Bob was so sad about it. I can see it from his face, obviously.

Anyway, it’s not that sad, rite? We cannot expect for everybody to be there for us. Don’t you dare to be a selfish person and keep blaming the others! We just need to learn on loosing someone you care on because it will be happen soon. That will teach us on how to be stronger. Everybody got their own business and priority. As for me, my friends and classmate is my priority on that time. We’re all in this together. Win together, loose together. Even though it’s kinda pain to have a traitor or backstabbers among of your friends, sometimes it is better to keep silent and don’t mess with the flow because everything might getting worse instead of expecting solution. Perhaps sacrifice is the better way to achieve happiness though. This is the only picture which brings and shows what is really happen on that day. Even though this picture looks bored and fake, but I believe there’s still a happiness and thankful in each smile on the face down to heart.

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saje2 jew post article nih, coz dah lame gilew file nih terperuk dalam 'overdue article' file! Since br jew abish bwt setting br utk blog post, so try lew anto article nih..


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