Saturday, April 18, 2009

Result Matrikulasi dh kuar..!!!

(Rusydi seems moody as i'm calling him just now..i guess i did something wrong but, em no idea...)
AARRGHH!!! I really won't go to matrix! Ever since my elected course will be science stream, had perfectly make it worst! I really not into science stuff anymore! Science had massively ruining my SPM result and I’m still stick to this sort of subject?! Damn! Yeah, there's no doubt that I'm science undergraduate, but that was really unintended. I got in the science college just because everybody keeps suggesting me that college.

Of coz, when it comes to science; Math, Biology, Physics and Chemistry is on the list. I have no idea what is going to happen to my future?! I'm not going to let the same mistake happen again! I really hope that I will be accepted for any university as long my ideal field is available...

Well, unfortunately, rumors mention that whoever got the offer for matrix, there will be no more offer for university! Argh! The matrix registration is on 11th May while the result of UPU will come out on 1st May! That's so close... (What is that suppose to mean, anyway?) Seriously, I darn reluctant to feed my brain with science stuff anymore...please God...uhuhuhu~
SApe nak check, blei tekan link nih..

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