Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rindu Miss Faye

Tadi msj2 dgn Miss Faye..Em, die takde homeroom this year, but sort of busy dealing with the debate team since deorg join debate competition dkt UIA..Em, tetibe tringat larr plawk aq debate dolu2 time minggu bahasa kat Pasir Salak..Miss Faye gk train tapi kalah jgk..It's not that she's suck, but kteorg xde luck nak bwt cme..?ohoho! Ate, mane pernah team debate yg die train kalah?! Tak kesah laa..I still have a good time & enjoy working in the team..kinda fun to work with Diana, Hasee, Jing Yi and Naim.a.

Argh! teringat larr plawk knape kteorg kalah time tuh!!! ggeram siot! Coz it such an easy topic to be elaborate and pathetically; bunch of cool idea only pop up just right after the competition(psl kteorg dok kutok2 budak taiping! haha! jgn mara..)Still annoy that Naim.a refuse to be the 1st speaker, ever since he brilliantly can come out with the virus-adapt theory in frame of student discipline problems!


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