Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sorry Rusydi..

I would like to come clean to you about the dirty job that i had done on you. I had my lesson from the previous problem by keeping my dirty little secret from my best buddy and that had drive me to keeps no more secret from my best pal. Actually... I had created a provocative blog which might touch about your famous scandal, but I'm totally regret now. I'm already delete the blog so that nobody abble to visit the blog.

It's not that I'm insulting you, it's just that I'm sort of bored at that time makes me comes to the idea of writing a long essay about what did keep soaring in my mind. Since at that time the scandal was still warm in my head, i just hit the keyboard and wrote the whole perspective of mine, personally and fairly. Believe me, I truly didn't mean to embarrass you at the network. I just wanted to express my perspective in form of text, not more than that.


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