Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bored Stiff...! @@##$%!

1. Hoho! Saje2 bwt post style Dr Mahathir! Die kn orang yg saitifik so bwt nombor2 camni larr..em macam lab report larr..

2. I woke up>watch TV until 5.30pm>after Maghrib, watch news>surf internet>sleep. The same thing keeps spinning again and again, everyday!

3. I kinda consider on taking my driving license but, argh! After Rusydi told me about his annoying driving lesson, I postpone my plan to do so.

4. I’m watching Code Geass right now. But it’s couldn’t help me. I never exited on watching the anime. Even the Artemis Fowl are still not finish. I stranded at the second chapter…

5. Updating my Myspace account right now…tries to apply a new template.

6. I started to get bored with my routine! I keep doing the same thing everyday!

7. Tetibe jew Firefox aq ni crash! Leceh btol!

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