Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Syatiry: the werewolf..

Em, shatiry had insist me for many time to watch Fast & Furious 4 but i really couldn't make it coz my pocket memang dah kering gilew..em, tapi dah byk kali sgt die ajak so aq stuju larr..besides, best gak dpt gk cite 2! ohoho!...lagi pun next month, Rushdi dh nak msk kolej mara kulim, so we decide to hangout for the last time ever(not really) b4 he go the college. Perhaps we all of us can make it together and of coz shatiry can enjoy the movie! Em, tapi kali ni memang tak lei nk blanjew sakan larr, coz i only plan to brings money exactly the value of the ticket...chottomatte, Rushd ade ckp diew nk blanjew tgk wayang kalau next time kteorg kuar!....wohooooo.....!!!! SAVE!

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