Monday, April 13, 2009

VOICE of dead people...

I had just requested the drama couple of days ago from the website and now it available! Man, how cool is that?!! is really committed to it fan. I never expected this fast since the movie was just finished last month at Japan..but now i can watch it! hahaha! Anyhow, the video quality was just average, 243kbps only. But hey, i guess i'm lucky enough to get 2 watch this movie, right?!

Arigato' Gozaimas,!

The story revolves around a group of five medical students enrolled in a seminar on forensic pathology. Kaji Daiki noted for his keen perception and strong intuition, along with the other students work on uncovering the mysteries of the corpses they examine.

p/s: aq rase memang ramai org request cite 2 try tgk? click here.

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