Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogging Manners

When it comes to blogging, it up to you what sort of content that you wish to forward to public. But somehow, people might slipped away by posting some irritating and sensitive entry. This might trigger some chaos in the network and community.

That's is why the ministry did lined some rules in blogging manners. I forgot what're those, but i once saw an article about this issue at Ikram Ismail's blog. So, whatever issue that you wish to share with the community, just make sure that you entry do not contain such provocative element.

I confess that i did wrote something some insulting post in my blog.I regret now. So, if there're anything sensitive that you wish to rant out, just try to make it as polite as possible. Or perhaps you can create another blog for those kinda post, though. I you don't wish to let people know about it, just set your blog as 'private' mode.

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