Thursday, May 21, 2009

REVIEW of the day...(again)

Em, just review of the day, again...I'm kinda seldom posting a bloody long post lately. There’s nothing cool to tell...

[5 minutes later...]

Well, it’s kinda weird to say this, but my mind just told me to keep on writing, no matter what would jot down. It says, if you got nothing to say, just write down that ‘I got nothing to say’. If I said, 'Hey, are you nut or something?’ just have to carve that one too.

Stupid, isn't it?

Review of the day:

I just lose my obsession on watching J-dorama and movies. You know what, there’re still bunch of movies and series on queued like, Stand Up!! TCO. Riddick, Zettai Kareshi SP, Gokusen SP, T.C.O.Narnia and, some stupid ‘Happy Tree Friend’ videos.

I was a bit thrilled watching American Idol 8 just now. Kris Allen was perfectly outstanding and he deserves to win the competition, anyway. When it comes to Adam, he just make me feel hard and difficult seems the way he’s doing it looks horribly pain and absolutely uncomfortable. Just don’t bother with my judgment; just my personal impression…


najwa hazirah halmi said...

i luv kris allen!!!cute!hehe~

Anonymous said...

of coz dearie! he's the American Idol cutest contestant ever!


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