Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Family

It’s just like a never-feel-ever happiness when we draw to a close, perform the fardhu Maghrib together. Today, abah had suggested us to perform the fardhu Maghrib in jemaah. At first, I was so reluctant to join and see eye to eye with him. But, my little voice revolt; prove to me the profit of pray in jemaah. So, since we seldom spend time together, instead of vacation, I said okay! So I just grab some sajjadah and make some line or saf. Everybody get ready having the wuduk while the others were put on their telekung or songkok. As my little brother finishes the qamat, we started the prayer followed by the doa as we close the gathering with bersalam-salaman among the family member.

Surprisingly, afterward abah started to create a topic to be musyawarah by us. We were discussing about the significance/Tafsir of surah Al-Fatihah. We have a great talk and enjoy have some chat even about a really serious issue. Here is a peek of holy portion words of Al-Quran had we discussed;

1. Dengan nama Allah, Yang Maha Pemurah, lagi Maha Mengasihani.
2. Segala puji tertentu bagi Allah, Tuhan Yang memelihara dan mentadbirkan sekalian alam.
3. Yang Maha Pemurah, lagi Maha Mengasihani.
4. Yang Menguasai pemerintahan hari Pembalasan (hari Akhirat).
5. Engkaulah sahaja (Ya Allah) Yang Kami sembah, dan kepada Engkaulah sahaja Kami memohon pertolongan.
6. Tunjukilah Kami jalan Yang lurus.
7. Iaitu jalan orang-orang Yang Engkau telah kurniakan nikmat kepada mereka, bukan (jalan) orang-orang Yang Engkau telah murkai, dan bukan pula (jalan) orang-orang Yang sesat.

Mama told us that she did lecture her students each surah along with its denotation. Regrettably, I’m the only one who can deliver the surah along with the meaning appropriately. Obviously, we put less interest to the lesson of religious conviction in our family unit. Even it’s the reality of the world in this decade; we mustn’t allow this thing to be hereditary to the coming generation. So, I had come to a decision to educate my children and wife soon the important of religion and any particular component of Islam and strive my best to acclimatize Muslim standard of living throughout my coming generation, InsyaAllah.

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