Monday, May 4, 2009

KAWAN: Meong

I’m speaking as a beyond doubt gentlemen and direct as a full-grown boy even this modest attempt might look girlish. I’m lettering this post as an approach to be grateful for my friends. I had considered writing sequences of post about my buddies. Let just hope I can work on it. Gambatte!

As for now, I would like to talk about my roommate, Meong a.k.a. Naim Razak.

(It’s too awful for words to jot down my whole memory about him. Well, I’ll try to extract as much as I can.haha..)

He is the only one I can share my problems in any manner of stuff. I used to share lots of thing with him (even my best pal deserves to know about it first).

However, how perfect, ideal, faultless, he is; nobody’s perfect ever since he makes some wrong step either. He (or us, though) had make a massively huge sin/mistake which had fatally damage our friendship. I don’t blame anybody in this case since I admit that myself not really good in negotiate, which making this crisis much complex and bloody smash up…

Well, I’m just glad, thank god as miracle happen after he went for Umrah, and afterward everything, all the misunderstanding, haters, avenge and all sort of negative frame of mind, had barely banish from my mind! Well, I guess he did pray to Allah; to give hidayah to me/us to get through this life fluently. It’s not that I’m poyo or something! Seriously, currently we don’t talk or even have an eye contact either! Well, all I can recite is Alhamdulillah after all the cut are healed.

My humble, honest, sincere, frank, straightforward voice, you are the best friend ever.

Brape bnyak silap salah yang aq dah buat kt ko, ko still maafkn aq. Tatau nak ckp ape..kadang2 aq rase aq ni teruk sgt! Aq banyak berdosa dgn ko Meong…please, forgive me!!! Gomendasai…!!!

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