Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MOVIE: Coming Soon

Sebeno nyew aq dah lame download cite nih,tapi takot nak tengok!ohoho!
Bloody hell! I had just ended the terrifying moment watching Coming Soon (a Thailand ghost movie).
Em, not much to say… Just damn! (Read it in tone of Just Dance-Lady Gaga! hoho!)
There was a lot of gimmick in this movie which specially featured to make it lot scarier when you watch it at the cinema.

1. There was a scene, where Shomba was hanged and suddenly the screen burst off, as is the cinema projector was burst thus show the shadow of Shomba as if she was hanged just behind you! (Sugoii!! Love this scene)
2. (What else, huh?)…At the end of the movie, the scene was repeated as peoples walk in the cinema to watch the movie, and as the movie (in the cinema) ended the credit popup as normal. But suddenly, the dead Shomba wake up and nag everybody to not watch her dying! Haha!

Actually, Shomba is not dead. The actress was the one who get killed as the victim of the Shomba’s hanged scene. So, the ghost who keeps haunting everybody was the actress! Not Shomba!

Do you know where the real Shomba is?! LOL! She’s crazy and stranded at the psychological hospital.

My advice:
Kalo korang nih penakot, tak yah tgk kt punggung..eh, silap..PANGGUNG!…bli jew mane2 pirate or download jew..haha!!!
Klau korang nak tgk, bolei jew..em, ni aq ade link yg aq download tuh..high quality but tgk online larr..nk download gne larr IDM!

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cik wawaa said...

kite da tgk la cite nehh.
takottttt :o


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