Wednesday, May 6, 2009

MOVIE: Driving Lessons

o Just a great movie that trapped in between 2 HP movies, which attribute the unchanged HP star.

o Rupert Grint and Julie Walters appear in Harry Potter as mother and son.

o It’s fascinating to find that they’re use to befriend in Driving Lessons.

o The title was chosen for the reason that, they use to gain knowledge of lots of thing during their trip to nowhere in order to tag along their interest in poetry.

o Rupert did a sex scene in this movie.

o Their road trip proves to be an epiphany for Ben, who has his first sexual experience with Bryony (just a girl he met at the Edinburgh International Book Festival)

o This movie is heavily influence by the Christian belief and its frame of life. I’m not a Christian, So, I have no idea what are they actually doing? Ohoho!

o Frankly, what did I noticed, Ben (Rupert) was kinda fed up with his religious family.

o Whose strong religious beliefs lead her to perform numerous charitable acts while ignoring the emotional needs of her own family? That’s Ben mother and its make him annoy on her stand.

o I think it’s rude to condemn your god, plus; denying its power and teasing Him. Well, that’s what happens in this movie.

o Love the play practice scene where Ben and Evie make funny things by acting bunch of character! LOL!

o People mostly love this movie just because they love the actor/actress.

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