Saturday, May 23, 2009

REVIEW: Kak Yang nk pg UIA..sob2..

AAAArrgh!!! I'm listening to Demi Lovato right now!!! She's totally rock and always on da top of my rock-favorite-list playlist! AQ rase mcm nak kene sawan je dengo lagu Get Back ni!!!!

Let just recap of what’d happen today. Since tomorrow Kak Yang will leave to UIAM, (well, literally, she’s not really going there straight because everybody who wanna hit there, they just have to drop by the UIAM’s matriculation for about 1 year and half for preparation), we bash a small family-lunch at her house. We enjoy our simple-economic lunch set (it’s not a big deal, anyway), but it’s still SUGOII with Atuk’s secret recipe of special green rice and a plate of spicy sambal which had totally burn my tongue! (I don’t really having ‘em! haha!)

Well, the most important is we’re actually grateful and thankful to Allah that Kak Yang is about to forward her study into the next level. Even opah was not really good in health just know, but everything is fine then.

By the way, we still enjoy wancho’s Milo cake as she demonstrate us how to prepare it. Now, mama already got the recipe and we can make it on our own (let us hope so, huhu…)!

What a happy family I have...Alhamdulillah.


haruan tasek said...

Semoga awak pun dapat belajar lebih tinggi lg...

Aizat said...

hoho! actually, bulan 6 ni saya plawk pg uitm...


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