Monday, May 25, 2009

REVIEW of the day


Sumimasen about the last post!Huhu...Frankly, even it's 1.41am right now, I still drowned in my own sweat!

And again, i had just accidently watched Honey and Clover just know, and..em, you know what happen lah!..[cari larr kt 'Blog Archive']

Kan ke tadi aq lapo gilew kn? haha! best gilew dpt pekene i pinggan koew tiaw! Em, i pinggan jadi larr..tak pyh byk2!

Tadi angah datang b4 kteorang kuar for dinner psl angah nk amik copy cite Donnie Darko n Charlie Bartlett. Ate, angah siap bg aq list lg tuh movie2 yg die nk! aq ni kire tukang download jew larr..haha..bgs gk, aq pown tataw nk tgk cite..dah alang2 ade list tuh, dah mcm movie guide gitu...!hohoho!

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