Wednesday, May 27, 2009

REVIEW of the day

At last! Finally our family domestic management is solemnly under a stable condition, since it's confirm that I'm not gonna deadly starving for at least 1 week, UNLESS, the fuckin' cat brake in our house again and steal all the junk food...(again...)

We just pretty damn hungry after fool around the market so we just drop by the restaurant which someplace at Sunway City. The foods were absolutely mouth-watering and perfectly delicious! Unfortunately, the only table left was at the smoking area, plus the karaoke show was just deadly pathetic!

You know what; we just tease a lot on the singer (lol!) and the contractor who suppose to handle our house renovation for his poor devotion. Mama said she wanted to cancel the deal and find someone else to work on our entrance.

Anyhow, I still enjoy the day because I'm having a good time with my whole family!


haruan tasek said...

wah keluarga bert......

Aizat said...

huh? bert?


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