Wednesday, May 13, 2009

REVIEW: Twilight

Twilight had totally made me fall in love with vampire! I don’t know that they’re so rich, gorgeous, and hot, got bunch of cool car, have a private bungalow by the jungle, happy family, and playing baseball!!!

Edward and Bella was such a great couple! Besides, the Collin family was so sweet! The made the Italian food for dinner just for Bella! How sweet?!

Besides, I love the part where they have a great family time playing baseball! Apart of Bella? Well of coz not! Since The father Collin had presuppose Bella as close as her daughter! OMG! That’s so sweet!!!

Anyhow, I just reckon that Edward was way too hot for the commoner Bella. Besides, I have no idea why most of the guys use to fall in love on Bella, either.

p/s~Thanks a lot to Angah for giving me a copy of this movie! suppose aq post dkt blog movie!hoho!tp dah smangat sgt nk reviewkn cite nih!!!


y0Ngu~des!! said...

woi... cite lapok ah...
new moon nak klua dh bulan 11 ni ko br nk review cite ni??
ho2... yg ko jeles kt bella nape??
ko minat edward ke?? ho2...
aku pon dh ske vampire lepas tgk cite ni...
vampire mat saleh mmg hebat..
x cm vampire melayu..
ko paham2 la kan cm ne??
tau terbang je x dak kenderaan
duduk atas pokok je
x dak kluarga
hu2.. menyedihkan tol...

p/s:panjangnye komen aku... ho2...

y0Ngu~des!! said...

lupe nk bgtau...
aku x ske edward..
aku ske bapak die...
ho2... lg smart pd edward..

Aizat said...

Byk la ko! Em, minat bapak die?!

Ape taste ko ni?minat warge2 jaYZ? Haha..

Ko ni x abish dgn x puas ati dgn filem mlayu..


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