Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

"I don't even know what the Slumdog millionaire is! What's that fuckin lousy title?"
Well, that's what i said as Munirah,my ex-classmate told me that she's about to hit the cinema with her college pals.

"Wei, ijat, tolong download cite Slumdog Millionaire and other's movies yg angah dah short-list tau!" Here's come another person suggested me on that movie. Well, thanks a lot angah for asking me such favor psl seriously cite tu just deadly enjoyable and brilliant!


-It's a movie to be celebrate and a must-watch movie for any range of age!
-It's funny, got drama, fantasy, everything when it comes with a catchy soundtrack,Jai-Ho with arrangement by music my AR. Rahman and fantastically presented by the hotchick Pusycat Dolls!
-Won 8 Oscars. Another 87 wins & 33 nominations, aren't that pretty damn convincing to you?! Hell yeah! its a collabrate of 4 filming production. I'm sure that they foward their best effort on making this brilliant movie.

alamak, cite nih best gilew!!!nih aq nagais lg nih! tberak pown ade larr..mentang2 lar dlm cite ni ade scene die rejun ldm taik! haha..abish lew taik chirit tu diselaminya..ohoho!

watch now!!!!


haruan tasek said...

ini filem hindustan + hollywood tu best

Aizat said...

seriusly plaikon die tuh org british..haha

Anonymous said...

aizat..nape xbalas email? email yg lame tu dah xgune dah ke??

Aizat said...

sape tu?

aizat ade byk sgt email yg tgh gne skarang:


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