Sunday, May 10, 2009


I’m critic most everything. I critic the protégé from Mentor (of coz I’m not the eligible judge for Mentor!), I critic the movies and drama, I critic others performance on stage, I critic others, I critic most people! Why not you? (Nandhei kurei?)

Speaking of Mentor, I thoroughly disagree with all the judges! Most of the performance was not really good to me. Well, they not reach my expectation, though.

By the way, I totally agreed with how Paul Moss judging the contestant in OIAM and Malaysian Idol. My thought, judges shall not compliment too much on contestant unless they’re doing truly great. As a judge and observer, we shall let them know how bad they are! What is their mistake? Even the little tiny-mini one, we suppose to let them know, because that’s what perfection are made of. People learn from mistake. If they just got numerous of compliments with no negative comment, how can they know their weakness? Am I right? (I’m asking Paul) Hohoho! (I’m good!..yes2.i know that..ohoho!)

By the way, should I take critic as a serious things?


Anonymous said...

nak komen2 orang plawk..
kirenye ko ni bgs larr..?
poyo jerr..

Aizat said...

ske ati aq larr...

aq berhak nak suarakn pendapat aq..

please juz don't get the wrong picture, k..?

nway, thank 4 the critic! i like it!


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