Monday, May 25, 2009

These movies are on queue due to not enough time to watch it and the fucking global warming which makes me uncomfortable to sit back and gaze on the LCD. Anyhow, these are among the movies that Angah wanted me to download (except for the Charlie Bartlett).

Well, Charlie Bartlett is a tremendous movie to me! What did a rich 17years old boy do when he desperately wanted to be so popular (trust me, this got nothing to do with the drama queen stuff) at his new school when he was expelled from his previous school due to the same attempt? Well, he’s actually try to help the other student by giving some counseling and selling some medicine, which had been misunderstood by the school department as a drugs dealer. He’s a good boy with a magnificent speech and can makes people believe and follow his recommendation! Hahaha…! I’m not good in making people to do what do I say but this movie is a must-watch!

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