Saturday, May 30, 2009

TUTORIAL:How to insert videos from youtube in your blog post?

My friend is working on his new blog and he's having problem in inserting videos from So, i'd decide to make this simple tutorial for him.(Ate, aq tatau nk bwt aperr instead of downloading bunch of movies and drop by my Facebook account and the lousy myspace)

Well, it easy's the baby-step:-

as you can see, below is the screenshot of as you're watching certain videos...

Did you notice the box just at the right side of the video?

If you do, just click on the embed code like in the picture below. The following option of player will popup just right under the box. Now you can choose your preferred video size and scheme color.

Alternatively, you can just directly copy the embed code into your blog post to choose the default video skin. But you have to make sure that you are viewing the post table in html format like in the picture below. 

(If you noticed, there're two option in viewing the post edit format; Compose and Edit Html)

To ensure that your video code is working, just press the 'Preview' button at the top-right of the post table. You'll have the video player in your post table as viewed below.

Muzamir, i hope there's trouble-free with my tutorial and easy for you to work it out! 


Anonymous said...

Thank u aizat for your help.. seriouly i appreciate it..

Aku dah siap first post aku tuh.. blog aku ialah so kalo leh aku nak hang kawan hang ramai-ramai tgk blog aku k!

Anonymous said...

aku ade beberape soalan yg aku nak ko jawab k..

1. Tajuk post tu mmg ade baris ke?

2. Mase dan tarikh post tu kite kene tetapkan sendiri atau mmg diorang dah tetapkan scr automatik?

3. Camne nak dptkan layout selain drpd layout yang ade kat situ eh? Layout yg diorang bagi tu sume tak cantik ar..

haruan tasek said...

tutorials yang bagus cayok...cayok


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