Friday, June 5, 2009


Cheese! Cheesecake, cheese tart, cheese popcorn(?!), cheese soup, cheeseburgers, cheesiness! It so cheesy today as i woke up from my cheesy sleep.. It so annoy when i just about to indulge a slice of yummy cheesecake from the refrigerator and suddenly mama wake me up! Noooo...!!! x sempat nk makan..I've no idea what was in my mind yesterday, but for sure there's not even a tiny single cheesy things happen to me yesterday that could drag me into a cheesy dream!hmm...perhaps its been an ages i not enjoy the creamy cheesy things..huhu..:'-(


haruan tasek said...

aku paling minat chess kak nie. biasa beli kat secret recepi je

Aizat said...

haha..secret recipe nyew mmg sedap aq nyew favorite cheesecake ade satu kedai dkt kuale kangsar nih..murah jew RM4.50 1 slice tp lagi sedap!

dolu2 kalo aouting mesit bli cheesecake kt sane! ade mcm2 flavor lak tuh


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