Friday, June 26, 2009


Damn, I feel so forlorn right now since this is the last post everrr!!!!....duh, actually, this is my last post from at my home since, in a couples of hour, I'm no longer stand my feet in this country! sob2...

Anyhow, I'd crack something with my mobile so that I can now post my article right away from from my phone..(Amirr, I know you insanely wanted to know this trick either!, Don't worry coz I'll post the tutorial asap.ohoho!). I would rather use this method than post via Opera Mini because it's just way more expensive.

I really hope I don't left anything behind!

I guess, after this, I'll just twit anything rather than make a blog post, though (since its much easier)..Okay, I'm expecting for something new, from a new institution, new place, new friends etc. My high school was a blast but I'm in mode of improvise and keep on learning so that I can develop into a very productive and dedication student! Man, but I still wanna rock out somewhere and do something cool either!

I reckon that the first week would be very boring lorr...psl sume orang ckp cm tuh..hehe, aq mesti tido smedang yewk nti? But I really hope with my Rejab anticipation plus, Transformers was just released a couple of days before, I'm eager on making any transformation or paradigm shift which my extremely change my boring stupid old lifestyle! Let us hope so nei..

P/s-Wow! I can't wait to buy a new laptop!!! hahaha..!


k.A said...

all the best :D

haruan tasek said...

ini kelas ke tempat tido nie


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