Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Durian Time!

It might sound gross for some of you but I’m really wished to have a couple slices of durians! Surprisingly, my dad, which was just back from kampung brought some! I have no idea why the foreigner found that it’s gruesome to eat the durian right away? It’s the culture. I’m never surprise if I might soon discover the other population ate something insanely disgusting but it’s actually kinda yummy for them.

Well, I got not much things to explain about the durians.. .Do I really need to describe how does it taste like? Duh…Who the fucked you think I am? Lol! Nak, pg cari sndiri..haha, pastu mkn sndiri...

It looks like bunch of yellow cat shit in this picture, but the taste was really the other way! Trust me!

That was my my dad, try to open up the thorny durian's skins. I'm never good at doing it. Besides, I never give a hand during the Durian Feast at my college, EVERY YEAR! Pathetic huh? I wonder, how will my kids thought if their dad couldn't manage to deal on sucha fuckin deadly basic daddy-stuff easy things?! (Am going to far? Sorry)


y0Ngu~des!! said...

NAK DURIAN!!!!!!!!!!!
9smgt x aku tulis sume hurop besa?? heh he...)

haruan tasek said...

rumah ko kat mana. aku nak pi makan durian

Aizat said...

xpe2..korunk tunggu jew kt dah post laju utk korunk..haha!kecian nyew..tringin sgt yew..?


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