Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I’m insanely fanatic on Harry Potter series and of coz I’m extremely exited for this coming movie! I used to amaze on the books rather than watching the well-modified movies which kinda annoyed me a bit by the storyline modifying. But, what can I do, the waiting for the books is over since the series had already comes to the end. But, never mind since the movies is kinda cool too, right?

Haha, suddenly Diyana’s face popups in my head because we both used to talk a lot about Harry Potter in the class, text message, phone call, just to argue and discuss about the story! How crazy is that? Haha…! We just like discussing on writing an encyclopedia  about HP because every point seem stand as a strong fact and totally a reasonable perspective!Miss you Diyana!

Anyway, I’m expecting something more dramatic and matured from this Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince since the last HP was a total collapse to me! I hope the complex storyline doesn’t bother them to construct a very well arrange and natural movie just like the first HP movie.


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nur nina said...

15 julai ni kuar yg half blood prince kat wyg kan??

haruan tasek said...

filem baru ke nie

Aizat said...

Nina, bkn 15 larr..17july..

Aizat said...

mesti larr yg latest haruan tasek oi..!!! x sabo nk tgk nih!!


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