Thursday, June 18, 2009

JB again..

Shut up JB! I don’t know that you’re grew up so famous! When I first subscribe to his YouTube account was when he  just sang the Justin Timberlake’s song, Cry Me a River on a couch, and trust me, that was a couple of years ago! And now he's already in progress in recording his very first album and hangout with Usher? Uh, come on!

If you're really following my blog, I did wrote about him couples of month ago when he was a zero.

Well, here's the latest single from him. It sounds catchy and enjoyable. I reckon that he ought to dance like Usher too!

This behind-the scene is just way too cool and you have to watch it! (especially 4 Sarah!)


haruan tasek said...

pelakon remaja yang sensasi masa kini

Aizat said...

bukan pelakon larr haruan penyanyi..ahakz!


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