Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just wanna write something personal here..I used to rant out everything at the other blog of mine, Aq Nyew Personal Post. Never mind larr..not a big deal,anyway..

Started from last friday, as I arrived at kampung, Mak long had started to get busy working on decorating the ugly rumah papan..It can never look good by keep rearrange the wardrobe without any extreme makeover and I am entirely exhausted helping her out! It's not that she's bothering just that I'm sick of the dusty house and I just sneezing all the time! How can i stay alive if i just sneeze every second in that bloody house?! However, at last the house looks a bit tidy..yokatta nei..

I feel kinda dizzy right now. Every time I'm back from kampung, tak sah kalau aq tak demam and selsema! It's horribly annoying when your nose is watery all the time. Alamak,I can't believe I'm freaking me self out!..hoho..

sekarang ni dok dalam bilik pown tutup kipas psl cam sejuk2 least I feel much better right now than myself this afternoon. My brother had blown my head as he just do nothing kt kampung and tak tolong langsung aq n mak long kemas2 rumah..even though both of us don't bother at all to help around the kenduri, but i still did my part at the bloody dusty house! at least i'm feeling bad on myself..memang aq geram gilerr dgn die..rase nak teberak jew asal tgk muke die..@#$%!

skrg ni, everybody is waiting for Achik because we're about to go out for dinner and he's sneaking out to nowhere?! wtf??! mmg menyusahkan orang..!!


haruan tasek said...

banyak sabar walau benci seseorang ok. tarik nafas hembus 3x

Aizat said...

haruan tasek..thanx!
ko slalu berenang ke blog aq jap yewk!

arigato gozaimas!


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