Monday, June 15, 2009

Organ donor...I’m willing To Do it

Let see what happen to me, today…hmm, tadi aq melawat opah kejap psl dah lame tak menjengah…suddenly Aunt Linda yg dkt m3x Gopeng tuh text me, asked me a favor on her English essay, ‘Organ donor...I’m willing To Do it’. Wow, I’m shock, for sure! This issue need lots of fact and data in order to construct a really god essay. Tapi time die msj tuh aq tgh tgk Bio-Nik lorr, so otak x brape nk fresh sangat utk come out with sucha radiant idea.

I said, “This kinda essay would looks great with fact and statistic as the introduction..aizat takde kt rmh utk cr info kt ternet, so why don’t Linda try tips2 ni dulu..?”

So, I just gave her some tips on how to dig out the idea. She often seeks my help when it comes to English assignment...Hehe, at least I got something to rather than throwing time stranded at home. Well, here it is:

• List down the 5W (who, what, when, where, why) and try to put up some relevant questions based on the converse issue.
• Now you got the guideline! This shot looks simple but the bang on your essay would probably enormously efficient-looks and well arrange!
• With your questions, try to discuss with your friends and perhaps Linda can asked me back the query, though…

Ble aq dah balik rumah, aq pown bukak ternet and rummage around the National Transplant Resource Centre website and grab some data and analysis about Malaysian donors. Even data tuh mcm seedy jew psl jumlah donor semakin menurun lately. Aq bg ni jew kt Linda.

tahun 2001 mencatat rekod paling tinggi rkyt m'sia yg dftar sbg pnderma organ(16625).tp dr 2002 smpai 2005, nilai jth ke7494jew yg b' pratusan penderma,60% org cine,mlayu14,india23,3lain2..(kaum melayu kurang)Ketua Koordinator Pusat Sumber Transplan Wilayah Selatan, Dr. Omar Sulaiman berkata, masih ramai di kalangan kaum Melayu beranggapan pendermaan organ adalah tindakan yang boleh menyeksa mayat penderma."Tanggapan ini salah memandangkan Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan telah mengeluarkan fatwa pada 1974 menyatakan pendermaan organ adalah dibenarkan,"bg taun 2009(jan-mei),br ade org 6255 jew yg, hmpir tiap2 bulan thn ni byk atvt kmpen djalankn.

-END OF POST-(tatau nk bwt closing cmne..hehe)

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